Analogy overload

by mrsminiversion

I did an awful lot of gardening today. As much as can be managed by someone living in a townhouse in London of course. This included a nice walk through Camden Square to my favourite garden centre. Trophy hunter fans of Amy Winehouse have removed some of the name signs there.

The gardening blitz has worked as both a treat and a distraction. A new pair of gardening gloves and some very satisfying pruning, repotting and fresh planting. I hope this will be analagous to the physical and emotional work in the upcoming year of weight loss.

First treat

Very hungry and tired at tea time today, as I expected, but instead of crumpets buttered to perdition, I had a warm lie down, a drowse and then joined the family for a foodpack and the nursery tea. Mr M has managed a lovely balance of letting me deal with myself and spending time with family.

I do hope to feel better tomorrow, or soon, though I already appreciate the clear weight loss.