An Inconvenient Truth

by mrsminiversion

Paula Simoes Hand-Drawn Map of the Loos of London

A scalable version of this picture is available from the Museum of London. Having to drink lots of water to compensate for the fluid I would otherwise have had in food is a challenge. Anyone would need the loo more often, let alone a mother of two whose second child was (and I pause here searching for a Mrs M way to say grossly macrosomic, ah yes!) heroic in size at birth.

I have to plan my water intake and correlate this against proposed paths through the day and still get caught short when places are unavailable, or haven’t been opened as advertised. I unwaveringly point the finger of blame at Islington council and its park conveniences management and its loo-less libraries in the first and second instance, but London is tougher now, with fewer loos. Campaign for our evacuation rights, I say. Dieting also makes things harder by forcing me to forgo stints in cafes to access the loos guilt-free. Good on Camden council then for its community scheme where KentishTown High Road businesses let non-paying punters use their loos.