You’re in the TA now

by mrsminiversion

Luscious, lovely motivating legs, hmm?

Not the Territorial Army but the Transactional Analysis module of LighterLife group work. I missed last week’s session due to family travels, it was goal setting, which I must get onto, I’m kind of drifting along to be honest. I think my first is going to be simple sounding but not easy for me – making time to brush and moisturise skin and check out my Wii EA Active sport for toning things I can do. Have to be a bit careful re: toning exercises as my worst hip has been very sore for a week.

The TA work was an eye-opener. I appear to be in loop between critical parent and adapted child a lot around food. I reckon it was my free child who yelled at me several weeks ago ‘Stop poisoning me with food!’ and prompted me to go on LighterLife. Another goal this week it to listen to myself and encourage the adult!