Action woman

by mrsminiversion

We had a very useful group talking about starting new things and doing more of existing good things. I’ve come to realise that a magpie approach to exercise is what works for me, pecking at different things almost indiscriminately almost continuously. I used to view exercise as black and white: swim 60-100 lengths 5 times a week or you’ve FAILED. Since the RA diagnosis and a shoulder injury and degraded joint, I am of course thrilled when I manage 14 lengths  2-3 times a month. And that that’s OK. Adding this into a bit of Wii EA active sport, lots of shortish sharpish walks adding up to an average 12000 steps a day, some killer stomach exercises and general rise in home based, park-life oriented activity with the children that I am getting a well-rounded amount of exercise. Little and often, variety and more variety. A new but effective approach for me I think.