The Phoney War

by mrsminiversion

World War Two’s Phoney War lasted for 8 months over a winter, pretty much the same 8 months I expect to be conducting what I am now thinking of as my own private phoney war for weight management. The Germans called the phoney war the ‘sitzkrieg’ but I am by no means sitting around during mine. Since I last posted, I am averaging 13,000 steps a day over a week, swimming regularly and doing a few other bits and pieces of resistance and toning which are helping me feel great.

The abstinence phase of LighterLife does feel phoney in some ways, because it is so easy and effective to do. I am really gaining a lot from the group discussions, but feel daunted at times by the amount of really hard physical and emotional work Route to Management and Management will be. However, I tell myself one step at a time and that I am getting in lots of useful practice by continuing to manage the family’s food and not pick at it. I am also beginning to imagine from what I serve what my portion size would be. I look forward to it very much in fact, starting that challenge.

The phoney war was also marked by the emergence of Lord Haw Haw, the German propagandist whose job it was to bombard UK ears with demoralizing spin and disinformation. I have now named my critical and demoralizing inner voice Lady Haw Haw, given her that daft 30’s clipped received pronunciation and a Lady GaGa hat which makes the voice ridiculous to me and helps me turn around negative thoughts quickly and more robustly. My positive inner voice sounds a bit like Louise Botting from Radio 4s Money Box, but I can’t help that it seems:)