Towards Christmas

by mrsminiversion

Today I am hiding here from the dreaded task of sorting out the children’s Xmas lists. The tightrope between their expectations and our ability to shop feels like it is strung, greased, loosely across a bottomless pit in gale force winds. I must hurry up as well, in order to stuff the advent calendar drawers with 25 pieces of interesting lego.

I’ve been missing in action recently due to commitments to choir and the older boy’s school, but everything continues to go well with weight loss. We’ve just started the TA transitions module, which is refreshing and exciting. I’m looking towards February when I think I’ll start ‘route to management’ and I think about it every day. Positively!

I’m going to Christmas without food and booze I’ve decided. Hopefully I’ll have more normal ones in future. This year my Christmas spirit is going to be imbibed nasally – I’ve ordered some lovely scented candles for each room for my treat. I have also managed to buy a great red dress for the various festivities and hopefully work interviews coming up, given it goes from boardroom to party with a change of belt and shoes.