Inching to the final stage

by mrsminiversion

A month since my last post is a good reflection of how on track and absorbed in life I’ve been. Food has been a non-issue, which is revelatory. I’m about 6-8 weeks away from Route to Management and the return to  normal food, I am feeling apprehensive about how much work it will be the first few months. However, I am also longing to taste parsley, garlic, lemon and cherries again. Very much.

I have just dropped down into the BMI ‘merely overweight category’. I have lost over 6 stones. Last night I bought a wonderful coat, snug and grape coloured and good quality in the sales in a UK size 14, to fit jumpers under! I have also pointed out a size 12 day dress for my family, fingers crossed it’s a Santa choice for me. It will continue to wear well at any size, as it’s a shirtdress style. Hoping, hoping.

Final words are about my stamina. Oh so well improved. I’m even beginning to think I might manage more than 20 hours work a week as I hunt for a job. I’ve done far, far more recently with choir, school volunteering and all sorts of activity.