by mrsminiversion

I have turned into an exercise magpie. I don’t want to do the same-old-same-old all the time. So I’m doing a swim, some pilates, some random stuff off of Wii EA active sports, and now and then a bit of a dance or some such. Might find a yoga drop in now and then. I’m essentially trying to spread the risk of further joint damage, while spending some of this accruing energy.

I have so much energy at the moment, and despite staying almost the same weight (dropped a pound in 2 weeks only with food reintroduction).  I have dropped a whole dress size in the same time. I have my big consultant (rheumatology) appointment next week and will ask his thoughts on me doing some sprinting. I feel the need for speed. Don’t want to jog, want to run like the clappers every now and then, which I was expressly told not to while overweight with active RA. Let’s see what the advice is now.