Hunger Games

by mrsminiversion

Off to see the Hunger Games tomorrow with friends. Some RnR, thank goodness. I am now in week 5 of the start of the management program. In lay terms that roughly means I am eating half normal food, half Lighter Life food packs.

The half normal food started yesterday with a large relative increase in range and numbers of portions. I couldn’t eat it all, I was so full by 6pm. I then realised how very very VERY hungry I was in week four. Barely sleeping, losing extra weight I’d have preferred to keep and having to work hard mentally to manage my response to hunger.

Now, I intend to spend the rest of my life eating when genuinely hungry but it was a reassuring excerise in the application of willpower. I’ve never in my entire life attempted to apply willpower to food, either ignoring its importance or treating it on a pleasure principle. The will to maintain my goal will be the central plank of long term management though. Week four has left me feeling confident in my ability to eat and stop, to know hunger, to manage it if I really have to.

Next goal, figuring out the difference between fancying a taste of something when hungry and giving my body what it needs. Do we really get signals like that, or is it all from our heads and the knowledge we have?