What a Cassava

by mrsminiversion

I bought a very large sweet potato from a local shop on Friday in honour of its introduction into week 5 of food reintroduction. Peeled it on Saturday morning to discover it was white inside, and not a very large sweet potato at all. not wanting to rouse the household stomping around googling, I experimented with it. Almost tasteless raw, fibrous and a great crunch. Parboiled for 10 minutes, holding shape nicely, not much flavour, sweeter. Dusted in spice and seasoning and oven roast for 20 minutes, sweet, delicious, hint of egg or of squash? Certainly fibrous, possible to pull into strings almost if the mood takes me. Much nicer than sweet potato in texture and satisfaction.

Turns out when Google and I were reunited that it was cassava. It is my new best food friend. I got 10 portions from the one huge root, froze some see how they handle that. Have been having them to add some sustaining substance to my breakfasts, always my favourite meal of the day. I dumped Google for Wikipedia and have been following links all over the place about this lovely addition to my life. Am excited about its mineral and vitamin content, its low carbness, about finding some tapioca flour, one day making African heavy cake, getting the wedges into the family meal. One of its products is called palaver, the making of which seems like a palaver. And then I found out that isn’t the root of the word, so now my tale of food odyssey is over.