by mrsminiversion

Like Sandra Bullock at the helm of a runaway liner, I am making heroic efforts to decelerate my weight loss now. About to start my 6th food re-introduction week and I’d lost another 3lbs, despite eating as prescribed + loads more protein. Once I realised week 6 essentially re-introduces gluten which makes me terrifically unpleasant to be around and feel ill, I discussed this in detail with my LighterLife counsellor.

Upshot is that I’ve got weeks 7 and 8 as well to use to pick out things I know I can digest. I’ve also decided to move to 3 meals and one pack with increased size protein and somewhat increased veg portions. Should do the trick.

I will also boost my intake with a daily snack on Keanu Reeves double dipped in caramel. Did I just say that out loud?