Food baby

by mrsminiversion


I am a few days into adjusting to the last week of the reintroduction to food phase and often feel like I’ve lodged a 5 months pregnancy food baby under my waistband. I’ve been given the last 3 weeks of the program to let me pick through and use the things that don’t trigger gluten-ish issues and to increase portions to try and stop the galloping weight loss. Today is also Test-My-Thyroid day which I am not looking forward to as I have the kids with me for a blood test. Cue endless games of let’s take blood from mummy later I expect.

I am keeping a really, really detailed diary (hence slightly less dense wodge of picture tweets at the foot of this blog recently) so I have data for a proper review of how this week goes. I haven’t yet managed to eat all the portions ‘allowed’ as I’m usually too full by the end of the day, but with heroic and highly enjoyable efforts I’m getting there. Major breakfasts seem to underpin me nicely. Lunch is usually on the run and I need to make better arrangements about eating well when socialising in the evening.

A typical major breakfast includes: 40g (10g more than recommended amount) of date and coconut porridge with 1/3 pint of semi milk and a spoon of honey. 2-300 grams of turkey minced with a couple of field mushrooms, a 1/3 tin of toms and herbed into tasting like heaven, basil, herbes de provence, pepper. Cooked like some giant alien squatting patty in a fry pan with a bit of stock water.

I have been a bit anxious with all of this. Am I eating too much, too little? Am I listening to my cues OK? Why am I losing so much weight still? How will I cope with all this food prep when I am busier at work? Answer: one meal at a time, don’t worry, it only weakens me, you’ll know more and better when you get to the next problem, I’ll be better armed. Off to calculate my likely calorie needs per day….ah. 2252 suggested. That’s such a lot. Think I’m only managing about 1800 at present.