Stopped it!

by mrsminiversion

Phew, put on 5lbs with my heroic eating efforts, look and feel stronger and more balanced. Am setting, finally setting, my target weight as 150lbs (10 and a 1/2 stone), as it turns out that’s where I’m comfortable. Need to reign in the extra carbs and extra fruit now, aiming to to stabilise around this mark for several weeks while reintroucing some of the foods I’ve skipped, including some more portable lunches with gluten free pittas and such lie. Had a few struggles this week with menu planning while out and about a lot.

Had a few psychological struggles with fear and doubt about chosen plan for myself and was I eating too much/unhealthily. Was I listening to myself enough? On the whole, the answer has come back: yes! I have also found two spots so far where the veneer of control is thin yet: automatic grazing while batch cooking (will observe myself more and stop it) and some crooked thinking that went like this:

1500: MrsM buys a small and swanky dress for an event

1700: MrsM models it to her family, delightedly

1800: MrsM eats early dinner before rehearsal

1830: MrsM starts to panic if dress still fits, after that one small and healthy dinner

1835: MrsM doesn’t try dress on again to check, MrsM gets a bloody grip and thinks rationally:)