Easter treats

by mrsminiversion

So far:

1. turns out our Pilates teacher is Swiss, should have known. Impeccable manners, great language skills. Presented us with a plate of her countries finest chocolates at the end of class today. I chose the darkest one, prettily decorated, the diameter of a £2 coin and about twice as deep. A shell of chocolate around a perfect ganache. It was three bites of utter pleasure, like eating silk.

2. Currently steeping downstairs for suppertime, a flavoursome mix for the remainder of my dairy portion today (rather a lot of greek total 0% fat yoghurt). I am having Hot Cross Yoghurt. The peel of an orange, a lemon, a half teaspoon each of ginger, cinnamon, ground cloves and allspice, soaking in orange flower water and some table sweetener.