Zero Sum and then some

by mrsminiversion

I thought I had posted this already, oh no, the wish was not mother to the action. The last two and a half weeks have seen me plough on with a few challenges and interesting results. Two weeks ago, I ate quite a lot, within general guidelines for what and stayed found my weight had not changed at all. This was suprisingly heartening, despite not really viewing this as a numbers game anymore, more one of feeling balanaced and controlled. I took this brave-heart feeling and morphed it into dietary recklessness a few days into the following week. And gained 5.5lbs, which gave me pause. I was out of control specifically around Key Lime Pie made for a a big community event. I do like my citrus, but I must find better ways of ingesting it rather than wrapped up in condensed milk if I can’t stick to one piece rather than 3 but licking the bowl out:) And the leftover Easter egg!

Since then I’ve pulled back reasonably admirably and am eating more nourishing food. I’ve also re-started my usual exercise levels now the schools have re-opened. Bit of an eating blip yesterday inspired by dog-tiredness from overnight child illness and being home alone. This blip involved eating LOTS of good food, spare noodle soup from the kids’ meal, extra fruit and nuts and yoghurt. Til my tummy ached. It was comfort eating at its finest, I zoned out and felt calm and happy and rested as i sat there troughing my way through all this stuff, while reading so my head was somewhere else as well. Only time I’ve done that this week so far, have been making a big effort not to read and eat.

I’m still mulling over what I could have done to replace the feeling of comfort and am just not sure. There was no escape from hearth and home, and playing with the kids just made me more tired. Will talk about it at group, possibly. This week I am using a lot of prepared foods and keeping out of the kitchen a bit more than usual to encourage less picking. This is working courtesy of the Waitrose Love Life range, which I find excellent. Especially the soups.