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One in a billion

Northern Line SNAFU this am. Ample time to read about tube upgrades required for a billion passengers a year. Train finally came and I wedged in a space and held a weird curve 6 stops. Would not have fit or managed the hold at my old top weight! Currently waiting for my rheumatology consult in the waiting-room-full-of-folk-with-mobility-issues-with-not-enough-chairs (TM). Going to talk about advisibility of running, I hope. Four years yesterday since onset of RA.

Blimey that was on time and quick. Waiting for research bloods lady now. Running: really not advised. Cross trainer advised. Bugger, less flexible to fit that in – getting to a gym etc. Oh well, not like they’ve banned breathing:)



I have turned into an exercise magpie. I don’t want to do the same-old-same-old all the time. So I’m doing a swim, some pilates, some random stuff off of Wii EA active sports, and now and then a bit of a dance or some such. Might find a yoga drop in now and then. I’m essentially trying to spread the risk of further joint damage, while spending some of this accruing energy.

I have so much energy at the moment, and despite staying almost the same weight (dropped a pound in 2 weeks only with food reintroduction).  I have dropped a whole dress size in the same time. I have my big consultant (rheumatology) appointment next week and will ask his thoughts on me doing some sprinting. I feel the need for speed. Don’t want to jog, want to run like the clappers every now and then, which I was expressly told not to while overweight with active RA. Let’s see what the advice is now.

One of these ladies…

…ate the other. No seriously: TA-DA! 8.5 stones in 7.5 months, lost on a vLCD diet program + group counselling, called LighterLife. I heroically do not it call it ‘Fatfighters’. Little Britain, you made me laugh.


Plus I do not use a car and have been gently exercising. Am enjoying food reintroduction at the moment, and am continuing the counselling as I adjust to the return to my old/new/improved self.

So one of these ladies has a nasty dose of rheumatoid arthritis, a non-functioning thyroid gland and a defeatist attitude. The other one has nasty dose of rheumatoid arthritis, a non-functioning thyroid gland and a balanced attitude. Which?


The first week of RTM is going to be more flavoursome than I expected – vinegars and fresh herbs on the menu, good. First meal later, am going to do it in splendid isolation at lunchtime. Also hope to run down to John Lewis and get new exercise kit. I am currently exercising in my black thermals, which is utilitarian only in the coldest weather. I think however I will skip the suggested wear below:

Why grandmother, I never knew.


Green Veg



First phase, done! I have made these changes in 28 weeks:

19st 5lb to 10st 13lbs

BMI 44.0 to 24.9

Hips 56.5″ to 40

Waist 46 to 30

Chest 49 to 37.5

Second phase starts next week: bedding in balanced thinking, good activity habits, nutritious food. I’ve got lots set up already, some new crockery, some new plans about how when I eat with my husband, a STACK of new recipes.

We had a lovely session tonight, ending with a bit of a dance for 15 minutes. Was good to try something new. I also had my photo taken for the before/after money shot…will post that once I get it next week.


Conversations with my husband

Two funny convos recently.

1. My Sunday morning lie-in.

Me: Can I have breakfast in bed with my coffee please, any of the bars, but not the crispy peanut.

He: You’re only allowed one crispy peanut?!?


2. Handover at a run, busy mid-week.

Me: Your dinner’s got 10 more minutes, I’ll be back by 11. Oh I made your yorkshire batter in my Lighter Life shaker. It felt very wrong!

He: Why, do you think it will get absorbed into the plastic?

Me: No, but it does set the alarms off at Lighter Life HQ.




Happy Mousse Birthday to Me


End game

I’ve  lost 7st and 2lb at this stage. I’m wearing size 12 dresses and jeans. I feel fine, really nice and am so looking forward to the next stage. I still have 15-25 lbs to  lose though, so a while longer to go. Am hoping our counsellor will start a new phase 1 management group as her current one if dead tough to fit into the existing week.

Talking of tough, Christmas was tough. Didn’t mind missing the food. Really missed the alcohol as a method of helping me sit quietly and merrily around. It’s funny to be already on a diet as so much of the population get theirs on too. Funny, but nice to be settled and not in turmoil about it.

Inching to the final stage

A month since my last post is a good reflection of how on track and absorbed in life I’ve been. Food has been a non-issue, which is revelatory. I’m about 6-8 weeks away from Route to Management and the return to  normal food, I am feeling apprehensive about how much work it will be the first few months. However, I am also longing to taste parsley, garlic, lemon and cherries again. Very much.

I have just dropped down into the BMI ‘merely overweight category’. I have lost over 6 stones. Last night I bought a wonderful coat, snug and grape coloured and good quality in the sales in a UK size 14, to fit jumpers under! I have also pointed out a size 12 day dress for my family, fingers crossed it’s a Santa choice for me. It will continue to wear well at any size, as it’s a shirtdress style. Hoping, hoping.

Final words are about my stamina. Oh so well improved. I’m even beginning to think I might manage more than 20 hours work a week as I hunt for a job. I’ve done far, far more recently with choir, school volunteering and all sorts of activity.

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