Weight management progress

I lost a total of 9st 2lb on the LighterLife Total program. Once I got down into the ten stone range I set my target at 10st 7lb, having nto been sure what on earth it would be. I look pretty gaunt when I’m any lighter and tend to feel weaker than I like. Over 10st 12lbs I start to feel a bit chubbier and can think a bit darker about myself. Plus 10st 12lbs is really close to top BMI for my height. So, at three months into maintenance I think I my ideal weight range is 10st 5lbs to 10st 11lbs. This is the range I believe I vary each month with hormonally inspired water retention.

Week 42, 1lb off
Week 41, not weighed
Week 40, 2lbs on
Week 39, not weighed
Week 38, 4.5lbs off
Week 37, 0.5lbs off
Week 36, 4.5lbs: moving to management this week, all normal food, 2x month group sessions
Week 35, 1lb
Week 34, 0.5lbs
Week 33, plus 5lbs thank goodness
Week 32, 4lbs
Week 31, 4lbs
Week 30, 1lb
Week 29, 0lbs
Week 28, 6.5lbs: BMI 24.9: Moving to Route To Management next week
Week 27, 2.5lbs
Week 26, 0.5lbs
Week 25, 2lbs
Week 24, 4lbs
Week 23, 6lbs
Week 21 and 22 (holidays), 4lbs
Week 20, 2lbs
Week 19, 5lbs
Week 18, 4lbs
Week 17, 2.5lbs
Week 16, 3.5lbs
Week 15, 5.5 lbs
Week 14, 3lbs
Week 13, 3lbs
Week 12, 6lbs
Week 11, 2.5lbs
Week 10, 7lbs
Week 9, 3lbs
Week 8, 3lbs
Week 7, 5lbs
Week 6, 4lbs
Week 5, 6lbs
Week 4, 10lbs
Week 3, away on holiday
Week 2, 6lbs
Week 1, 9lbs